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    Last Frontier Cane Corso is located in Kenai, Alaska. We fell in love with this breed after getting our first Cane Corso, Roman in 2010. Loyal, intelligent, protective, and a great companion, he became a member of the family instantly. His high- drive and friendly demeanor are his assets. Destiny came next from a reputable breeder in New Mexico to complete the pair. She also brings loyalty and protectiveness as well as a quiet independence, intelligence and sensitivity. She goes to great lengths to please us, but is protective of the household at the same time.  Destiny's lineage is impeccable... she sets the pace for breed standard.  

Blazer is from our first litter (Rothorm JY Dream Quantum of Solace X About Time's Destiny).  At the same time we bred Blazer, we acquired Old World's Bronco (Tahoe Custodi Nos X Axia Custodi Nos) Old World Cane Corso.   Tahoe was imported into the states from Persia.  Bronco was from the first litter of this pairing.  From there, we were hooked and we now have nine of these guys under one roof!  Check out our dogs from the tabs on the left.

Cane Corsos are a dominant breed of canine. They require socialization (and lots of it), puppy and obedience training, as well as good nutrition to become an optimal pet. Although we're confident that you'll gain respect for this unique breed of dog, it is important to be fully informed before purchasing one of our (or anyone else's ) Cane Corsi.

Temperament:  These dogs grow quickly, so it's important to establish pack leadership early on. Cane Corsi are a guardian breed. They can get down right bossy if you don't establish ground rules for acceptable behavior assertively.

Training: Puppy and obedience training is a must for these dogs in order to have well behaved and well-adjusted pets. Corsi respond well to praise and love; it's a great time to establish a positive relationship with your new pet. Plus, it's fun both you and your Corso!

Establishing Pack Structure:  We require all of our clients to purchase the Leerburg's Establishing Pack Structure video.  Okay, four hours is a long video, however it is well worth your time!  

Corsi are truly a magnificent, noble animals. We hope you fall in love with this breed as we have. Enjoy the site!
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