If you are interested in a Last Frontier Cane Corso, please fill out an application.  We are interested in getting to know you better and will review the application.   However, just filling out the application doesn't guarantee that you will get a puppy or obligate you to buy a puppy.  Being honest will help us figure out if a Cane Corso is an appropriate match for you and your family.

Puppy Application

Street Address:
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Name and relationship of all adults in the household and frequent visitors (please be specific):
Age and sex of all children who live in the household and visit often (please be specific).:
 Do you own any animals
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 Do you have a fenced yard?
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 Have you owned a dog before?
If yes, what breed(s) what happen to them?:
 Have you ever owned a Cane Corso
 Are you interested in?
 What sex do you desire?
 Do you have a color preference
If yes please give first and second choices.:
What type of temperment are you looking for in your new Cane Corso?:
 Please select what activities you plan to participate in. Family petHome protectionGuard DogShowBreedAgilitySchutzhundWeight Pulling
What interest you most about the Cane Corso breed:
Fell free to provide any additional information to help us match your Cane Corso to your family style.:
 Are you willing to commit to basic obedience and puppy training for your new Cane Corso?

Questions or concerns feel free to ask?:
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List a reference who knows your family and interactions with pets (please list contact info).:
How did you hear about us?:
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 Again, it is important to be honest on this application. Being untruthful will result in denial and loss of deposit. be advised we reserve the right to verify any information given to us. Do you certify that all answers are truthful.